Like you, we are archers who the second we stop shooting our bows start thinking about the next time we will be shooting our bows. We don’t pretend to be a company that loves archery and then spends all our time in boardrooms and conference calls. We are a family run business that came together from the love of our sport. We wanted to create a section on the website that let people know just WHO we are and let you see that we are genuine and trying to change the face of archery clothing. We also wanted to let our grade 4 teacher Mrs Popovitch know that we DID do something with our lives despite popular the popular vote back in those days … in your face grade school …. IN YOUR FACE ….

Matt Rimmer - Founder - Marketing - Design - Janitorial Services

Matt’s history that brought him to start Archerybum is a story perfect for around a campfire. ” I started FISHBUM 6 years ago because of my passion for fishing, and over the years FISHBUM gained more and more popularity until it far surpassed what I ever expected it to be ” reminisced Matt. ” I never shot a bow until 2013 when a close friend sent me a bow out of the blue ” That bow sat in Matt’s office for almost 6 months before he even looked at it. ” It was intimidating. The thing was a top of the line bow and I didn’t know the 1st thing about how to properly use it. I remember thinking this thing looks like it could really hurt me ”

One sunny summer’s day when all his work was done for the day, picking up that bow would change everything. ” I remember saying what the heck, I will go in the backyard and try to shoot a few arrows. About 5 hours later I was still in the backyard. I had hit the house twice, the fence once, and scared about 35 squirrels … but I was completely hooked. ”

Since then the passion for archery has completely taken his life by storm. ” I can’t go 2 days without shooting now. When I’m not shooting, Im thinking about shooting. It’s actually kinda insane … ” Shooting in tournaments now across the land, Matt’s passion for archery coupled with his design skill finally met up and Archerybum was created.

” The friends I have made because of archery and the community surrounding the sport are the biggest blessing of it all. I have had the privilege of speaking and shooting with some of the games top athletes. There are no words to describe what archery has done for my life ”

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Lindsey Hebel - Sales - Customer Service - Long Jump Champion

Lindsey came into the Archerybum family in a very similar fashion as Matt did. Starting with FISHBUM, Lindsey has done everything from making shirts in manufacturing to ultimately finding a role in sales and customer service. ” Lind’s was amazing at the manufacturing. Her level of detail was really really high. But it became very apparent early on that she really stood out in sales and customer service. She is so good with people that it was a perfect fit ” Matt said when asked about Lindsey’s role(s) in the company. ” We are a family run business, so with that comes wearing multiple hats at all times, and she is really good at it ”

Lindsey had a hunting background but had never shot any 3D or field. ” Matt definitely introduced me to the different archery tournaments and competitions, and they quickly became what I do in all my spare time. I have gone all over the place shooting in events from Canada to the United States. It’s a ton of fun ”

When Lindsey isn’t shooting her bow she enjoys anything outside. ” I am an outdoorsy girl for sure, I can’t stand being inside. From hunting to tournament archery to fishing as long as I am outside I am completely content.

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Lindsey Bauer - Head of Field Staff - Marketing - Customer Service - Cowgirl

Grabbing life by the horns is an expression that was MADE for a women like Lindsey. Between her uncontested love of archery and all things outdoor related Lindsey has a background is sports management. ” I had known Lindsey for about a year or so when I approached her to join our team. I would watch her from a distance and see the work she put in around the archery industry and was extremely impressed ” Matt spoke when asked how he came to know Lindsey. ” She was someone that people loved to interact with, and was someone I knew we needed on our team “.

With her 4 dogs in tow, there isn’t much Lindsey wouldn’t do or try. ” She is someone who has a passion and fuel that burns extremely bright. When she believes in something, it’s 110% full throttle which is a very admirable trait in today’s day and age “.

When she isn’t flinging arrows, or spending time with her dogs Lindsey enjoys anything farm related. A country girl through and through having Lindsey on our team is a real straw in our cap!

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Tyler Rimmer - Manufacturing - Shirt making'eulogist

On top of being Matt’s brother, Tyler is one of the funniest people you could ever hope to meet. With razor sharp quick wit to his unflinching sense of humor Tyler keeps the atmosphere of the shop in the best of spirits. Tyler’s job at Archerybum is an important one on the manufacturing side of things. Starting with FISHBUM years ago his level of detail is 2nd to none. ” I love my job. It’s the only job on the planet that I can’t get fired from because my brother owns the place … ”

All kidding aside, Tyler has produced well over 200,000 shirts in his tenure with FISHBUM and has brought his skills over to the Archerybum side of things to make the greatest archery clothing on the planet earth. ” It’s a really cool thing to see a blank piece of clothing turn into a piece of art right in front of you, and knowing you had a part in it makes it even that much more special ”

Tyler picked up his 1st bow a few years back and enjoys shooting with the crew when he isn’t working his insane hours in the shop. ” I love shooting the bow, it’s one of those things that is a complete stress reliever to me. And let’s face it, anything that I can do to compete with my brother in, I’m game! ”

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Yvonne Lamoureux - Jr Designer - Resident Wine Expert

Once again ( we are saying that a lot ) joining Archerybum from FISHBUM, Yvonne is a Jr designer who has a great work ethic as well as eye for details, and in our line of work both of those things are worth their weight in gold. Yvonne started with the company in customer service, but showed countless times she had a flare for design. ” Moving from customer service was a great change because it let me be creative and put my idea’s into motion “.

Yvonne’s love of design is coupled with her love of wine and the entire process of fermented grapes. ” I was lucky enough to spend an entire summer in the south of France and learned about the entire process and history that comes with wine. It was an unbelievable experience “. Despite her picture, she ( mostly ) drinks wine in actual wine glasses .. we think …

Learning about archery through the rest of the team, Yvonne is the only member of the team that doesn’t shoot regularly. ” Believe it or not, having her NOT shoot is a real asset to the company ” said Matt when asked about her not being an actual archer. ” It’s important to have someone on the team that can take a look at things from an outsiders point of view. Our goal here is very simple, we want to make clothes that archers absolutely love – but at the same time make clothing that may appeal to someone who DOESN’T shoot archery and have them say well that looks pretty cool, I would like to try that ”

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