Dan McCarthy is a premiere archer in the industry. With wins all over the country including several major events Dan is also one of the most popular archers due to his willingness to interact with people regarding all aspects of archery.

Hailing from Wisconsin with his wife Emily McCarthy ( Also a professional archer ) traveling the country shooting in major events from Las Vegas to the ASA and IBO is part of regular life for Dan. ” I can’t even tell you how many miles Dan travels a year, but what I can tell you is from the moment I met Dan his love for the sport and all things archery related was completely apparent. I was actually referred to Dan from a mutual friend in part because I had been such a fan and following his career ” Matt spoke when asked about how Dan came to be apart of the Archerybum prostaff. ” He was always someone I would see all over social media answering questions, creating video’s helping archers learn this or that … he just seemed like a guy we absolutely needed on our team ” And nothing could be closer the truth when it came to his reputation. ” Literally one of the nicest people I have ever met. His archery abilities aside, he is so good for growing our sport and consider myself extremely lucky to have had the privilege to get to really know him”. To follow Dan on Facebook click here!

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